On Kawasaki Vulcan S Review, Pics, & Specs

Some twins look alike and have a special bond that is clear for all to see, yet, you get twins that don't even look related and if it wasn't for the fact they share birthdays and parents you would assume they were just good friends who share a surname. During the time I had the Vulcan S, I put almost 650 miles on it, which is a testament to how brilliant this motorcycle is. Although if I had one complaint, it would be that this particular Vulcan S didn't have the optional front windscreen on it. Highway riding without it becomes a bit of an upper body workout as the wind pushes your chest further and further backwards.

For the rider who wants to take a friend along, the Vulcan S is even more customizable thanks to the optional Kawasaki Genuine Accessories passenger seat, backrest and passenger footpeg setup that will accommodate a second person. The Vulcan 500 (EN500A) introduced in 1990 was the successor to the Kawasaki 454 LTD The EN500A was fitted with a parallel twin 498 cc engine nearly identical to the Kawasaki Ninja 500R It had a 6 speed transmission and belt final bolt drive.

The Vulcan S was her easy pick after a test drive and learning about Ergo Fit given that at her size options are few in number when it comes to fitting a bike. Being a shorter rider, I have done that to many of my bikes, buying bar risers to ease reach and getting lower seats so my feet can reach the ground.

Kawasaki offers the bike with ‘Ergo-Fit'; a three-level adjustment for the seat, handlebar and foot pegs, making it suitable for riders of different heights. Together with the compact engine and backbone-style rear frame, the frame's design creates a package that is slim, low, lightweight and compact.

Comparing a 900cc T100 engine to the Vulcan's 650cc may seem off side, but the power numbers are very comparable as it turns out. Kawasaki is all set to launch the Vulcan S 650cc motorcycle in Indian soon and the company has already started teasing the launch of cruiser motorcycle on its website.

Having said that, it is a good bike that should satisfy most riders who are specifically after a mid-engined cruiser. The heart of a sportsbike and the comfort of a classic cruiser. With its cruiser appeal, the Vulcan S is long and low, with a wheelbase designed for increased stability at typical highway cruising speeds.

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